anti-age treatments

THE SILK POWER An intensely smoothing and brightening treatment. It is recommended for all skin types. The active ingredients in the formula include green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, and silk proteins. Dermalogica PRICE: 300 PLN ******** THE POWER OF LIFTING Thanks to the exclusive formula based on the latest freeze-drying technology, the treatment offers benefits for mature skin. It will make your skin radiant, firm and flexible. Pevonia PRICE: 350 PLN ******** TREATMENT WITH MICRO - RETINOL An unusual mixture of deep cleansing acids and rejuvenating retinol. The treatment smoothes wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, increases humidity and evens out pigment. It allows you to regain the glow of the skin in less than an hour. Pevonia PRICE: 350 PLN ******** PERFECT FACE CONTOUR The purpose of this treatment is to renew the skin surface, smooth wrinkles, improve tissue tension and correct the face oval. It improves skin structure while firming and moisturizing it. Dermalogica PRICE: 400 PLN ******** STEM CELLS A treatment with stem cells from the argan tree and comfrey root. It reduces mimic lines and wrinkle depth. It smoothes the skin and protects it for a long time by naturally regenerating stem cells. Pevonia. PRICE: 450 PLN Download the whole SPA price list