fight against cellulite

MODELING TREATMENT WITH BLACK COFFEE The procedure is focused on slimming and the fight against cellulite. A large amount of active substances contained in cosmetics, such as coffee, algae, guarana guarantee the effectiveness and quickly noticeable effects of the treatment. Organique PRICE: 260 PLN ******** THE MAGIC OF MICRONIZED ALGAE Thanks to the natural algae from the French coast, we can stop the processes of slackening and aging of the skin, thanks to which it will regain its former firmness and flexibility. It’s a strongly firming and detoxifying treatment. PRICE: 280 PLN ******** THE POWER OF GREEN CLAY Treatment based on natural green clay. Effectively reduces cellulite, firms and improves blood circulation. A treatment with a refreshing citrus scent. Organique PRICE: 290 PLN Download the entire SPA price list