Manual massages

RELAXING MASSAGE Massage with warm oil. The massage is calm, rhythmic, gentle, calms the soul and body and improves the general well-being. PRICE: 180 PLN / 55 MIN ******** CLASSIC MASSAGE Massage with a technique that allows you to free yourself from muscle pain. It brings the organism into a general state of relaxation. PRICE: 180 PLN / 55 MIN ******** THERAPEUTIC MEDICAL MASSAGE A massage has a relaxing and toning effect on the back muscles. It reduces muscle tension in the spine area. The massage covers back muscles, shoulder, neck and head. It is extremely effective in back pain. PRICE: 180 PLN / 55 MIN ******** SLIMMING AND FIRMING MASSAGE It involves intensive kneading of fat tissue, which accumulates on the belly, thighs, hips and arms. The massage crushes fat cells, improving the metabolism. PRICE: 190 PLN / 55 MIN ******** FOOT MASSAGE USING REFLECTION It is a healing massage based on pressure on the receptors located on the feet. If you are tired of headaches, back pain, allergies, rheumatic pains - this massage is perfect for you. PRICE: 190 PLN / 55 MIN ******** ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE WITH A CHINESE BUBBLE This massage involves massaging the body with circular movements of the sucked rubber bubble, which improves blood circulation. The procedure is very effective in terms of cellulite due to its slimming effect. The massage includes thighs, buttocks, belly and arms. PRICE: 190 PLN / 55 MIN ******** AROMATIC MASSAGE WITH A CANDLE Relaxing massage performed with a special candle, which turns the wax into a warm and sensual massage oil. PRICE: 210 PLN / 55 MIN ******** SHEA BUTTER MASSAGE Shea butter massage combines classic massage techniques with deep moisturizing and nourishing of the whole body. PRICE: 200 PLN / 55 MIN ******** CHOCOLATE MASSAGE It’s a massage with natural . It is a real feast for the senses. It is perfect for dry, tension-free skin. It also puts you in a good mood PRICE: 230 PLN / 55 MIN ******** FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Pregnancy massage is performed with heated, intensely moisturizing shea butter. The treatment alleviates many pregnancy ailments, such as edema or back pain. PRICE: 220 PLN / 55 MIN ******** HOT STONES MASSAGE It’s a strongly relaxing massage, ideal for colder days. The treatment performed with warm stones warms the body making the massage even more effective. Helpful in case of back pain. PRICE: 290 PLN / 90 MIN ******** ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE It is a specially developed formula of the whole body massage with anti-stress and relaxing effects in which we focus particularly on the neck, shoulder girdle, head and feet massage - i.e. places that accumulate different types of tension. PRICE: 280 PLN / 90 MIN ******** HAWAIIAN LOMI LOMI This is a magical, harmonious massage combining touch and dance. It provides deep relaxation and regulates the work of the nervous system, allowing you to regain a sense of internal balance. PRICE: 300 PLN / 90 MIN ********* MASSAGE FOR TWO Romantic massage for two is an experience not only for your bodies, but also for souls! Leave daily stress behind and enjoy a relaxing massage and each other’s company. PRICE: 360 PLN / 55 MIN ******* COSMETIC FACE MASSAGE Face, neck and cleavage massage is a treatment that improves blood circulation and skin flexibility. It perfectly oxygenates and smoothes the skin. It is also a great form of relax for busy and tired people. PRICE: 150 PLN Download the full SPA pricelist