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How to plan a wedding menu well?

Many factors contribute to the success of a wedding reception. Certainly, however, the most important issues guaranteeing a successful wedding in Warsaw are a good orchestra and delicious food. Today few tips on how to win the hearts (and palates) of wedding guests. The key factor determining if the wedding menu is enjoyable for guests is the quality of the dishes served. There should be plenty of food, of course, but nowadays quality should definitely prevail over quantity. When choosing a wedding room, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the dishes served there - the best choice is a room with a restaurant at a high level, as the one in the Otrębusy Palace;) The diversity of wedding menu is also very important. Monotonous meals will not encourage your guests to have fun, but also in some cases will prevent the wedding guests from feasting together. The increasingly popular vegetarian diet and numerous diet restrictions imposed on Poles mean that the dishes have to be varied enough to satisfy everyone’s hunger. As part of a variety to the menu for weddings in Warsaw, wedding try to enrich it with European and Asian delicacies - seafood, sushi and grilled dishes. It would also look good if we consider vegetarian preferences by serving a few meatless appetizers and guaranteeing alternatives for hot meals. Wedding sweets are not only cake stands, but also Candy bars and chocolate fountains. Such delicacies will not only additionally decorate your party, but they will certainly win the hearts of the youngest guests. For those slightly older guests, an extensive alcohol menu will be an interesting diversion. In addition to traditional vodka, it's worth serving your guests well-chosen wines. Colorful drinks have recently enjoyed great popularity, especially among ladies, while on hot days a well-served beer is a good idea.