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Minimalist Wedding

Recently, minimalism has been introduced into more and more areas of life. The concept of “ less is more "has also been practiced by newlyweds, who decide on planning their wedding in an elegant ,simple way. The bride no longer wear pompous ruffled dress - simple forms and ethereal materials are popular now. The long veil is also replaced by flowers The marriage ceremony often moved out of the church takes place in an intimate setting in the open air. Wedding in a romantic gazebo or on a meadow, where the charm of the moment is supported by natural lighting, and sunset, is a dream of many a bride and groom. Wedding halls decorated with a thousand balloons and streamers are not trendy anymore. Now the interior of the place must be elegant with good taste. Increasingly, decorative elements are limited to one leitmotif, subtly blended into the "natural" appearance of the premises. Today we are going to present creative decorative proposals with fresh flowers. One of the unique places for such parties is the Otrębusy Palace - the place with sophisticated interiors and a very elegant form that will perfectly match the atmosphere of this amazing party.