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The ideas for decorations of the wedding hall Warsaw

The grand Warsaw wedding halls decorated with a thousand balloons and streamers are not trendy anymore. Now the interior of the place must be elegant with good taste. Increasingly, decorative elements are limited to one leitmotif, subtly blended into the "natural" appearance of the premises. Today we are going to present creative decorative proposals with fresh flowers :) Wedding tables. It is not advisable for wedding guests' tables to be full of unnecessary decorations that only hinder the free consumption of food. A good idea for decorating tables is to use tall vases or candlesticks decorated with fresh flowers. This solution allows the introduction of a colorful theme of the party, it also gives the possibility to mix them with some elements of the style of the bride and groom - flowers from the bouquet can appear in vases or be attached to candlesticks. Chairs In this case, decorations are not always necessary. Some Warsaw wedding houses are equipped with very nice chairs, which covering with covers is simply not necessary. In such case, the delicate decoration of the bride and groom's seats is enough - small flower bunches, integrating with the composition in vases, can perfectly work here. Such solutions are not only cute, but also very original! If the chairs require the use of covers, it is worth putting on good-quality finishes of these covers, the ruffled chairs reminiscent of a bride's dress usually do not look too elegant;) Well-chosen covers are usually a sufficient decoration, which should not be further improved, however, sometimes additional tie backs with a party theme ribbon (if this color has not been chosen, it is worth referring to the color in floral decorations). Lighting How about delicate, mood light instead of colored lasers ?;) To all those who prefer these simpler solutions we recommend timeless and extremely atmospheric candles. Candles are an extremely flexible element of the Warsaw wedding design - they can be used to decorate windows, tables, and if the room’s capabilities allow it, also the terrace or the main entrance. There are many ways to decorate with candles: we can use ingenious lanterns, beautiful ready-made candlesticks, or decorate candles with flower compositions.