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Wedding and outdoor ceremony

Every romantic soul is secretly dreaming of a unique wedding ceremony in original setting. Such unforgettable atmosphere is certainly during an outdoor wedding- organized in the open air. More and more wedding couples decide to get married in such setting. A garden decorated with flowers, a romantic alley in a park, a sea shore or a lake - this is a scenery from an American film. Wedding houses in Warsaw are increasingly trying to adapt their location and offer just for outdoor ceremonies. One of such facility where the fairytale surroundings are ideal for such celebrations is the Otrębusy Palace. It is true that the outdoor wedding in Warsaw greatly limits the relatively short summer season, but for such a unique scenery it is worth to adjust to the seasons :) Here there are some inspirations for outdoor ceremonies and weddings: I think everyone has dreamed of getting married on the beach ... In the case of seafront ceremonies, even the simplest decorations will have an unusual charm. A minimalistic ceremony in the natural setting. The Otrębusy Palace, as one of the few facilities in Warsaw, offers a beautiful park perfectly adjusted to outdoor ceremonies. Well-chosen lighting will provide the party with an astonishing charm. The outdoor wedding will certainly be unforgettable for both the bride, groom and all the guests!